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Maison Artémis-Paris

The founder, Christelle

"I have always had a great passion for fashion and everything that revolves around it...

Beyond creating and sewing small pieces, I became interested in a few years ago, to the fashion industry, to the developments in its ecosystem, to the essential shift that the sector had to take in terms of eco-responsibility. This reflection ultimately led me to want to participate in the emergence of this. “new fashion”.

With the crazy desire to get started, and above all aware of the ethical and environmental issues that fashion presents... after twenty enriching years spent within financial institutions... , I made the decision to create ARTEMIS-PARIS, in November 2022.

ARTEMIS-PARIS reflects my style, my inspirations, my values... These are pieces that I I like to imagine, create and distill even into your wardrobes!

Very feminine, timeless pieces, designed and created in France for all women, in beautiful materials from the stocks of major Haute-Couture Houses but also in natural materials, and in very limited editions.

Pieces to keep for a long time, in perfect cuts and as eco-responsible as possible."✨"

The brand

"Artémis – Paris reflects this “French chic”, this ability to take care of oneself without showing it, this innate sense of natural elegance and simplicity". Christelle

Artémis-Paris is a committed brand that offers very feminine pieces imagined, developed and created in Paris, then designed with the greatest care, in small series in our French workshops. We favor short circuits to offer you unique pieces and more responsible fashion.